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About Us

Our goal is to tell your unique wedding story through the photographs that we take, as well as the techniques that we use. Our approach is unobtrusive and editorial, with just the right mix of beautiful portraits of you, your family and friends.


This style allows us to document the real, unscripted moments that happen at your wedding, capturing true emotions and relationships, and enabling you to really enjoy every moment of your wedding day. The albums you receive after your wedding will allow you and your family to relive those moments, over and over again.

Most importantly, we love photographing weddings! We are often asked at weddings if we are members of the family or a close friend, which to us, is one of the best compliments we could receive. We feel that We have one of the best and most important jobs in the world, and we're honoured each and every time we are selected to be someone's wedding photographer. We hope to be yours.


Please call or email us for a full price sheet or to set up an appointment (see "Contact")


"Capturing Moments Frozen in Time"



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